London Garden Design

Garden design in the city can be quite different from garden designs in the suburbs or the country.

Garden Design London

London Garden Design


Garden design in the city can be quite different from garden designs in the suburbs or the country.  With smaller spaces and more modern appeal, it can take quite a lot of planning and creativity to get everything just right.  Often a garden must double as an outdoor room. This can come in very handy in tight spaces, providing extra space for entertaining. These small spaces in London have their own details specific to them alone. Issues such as lighting, plant species, and space utilization become slightly more complicated in these types of spaces. The city is full of apartments with little or no garden space, in contrast with other suburban and countryside areas.

Typical City Garden Design

These gardens typically consist of a centre “courtyard” surrounding by plants.  Often these must be housed in pots or planters, especially if the space is not on the ground floor.  Making the most of these aspects of designing a garden in the city go a long way toward long-term satisfaction with the area.  The most popular designs include a dining area in the centre of a patio, with plants surrounding the table and chairs.  Plants are strategically placed so as to remain interesting in spite of lack of variety.

Plant species and the seasonal variations can become somewhat more of an issue, as the plants need to look good all year long.  The plan that works in many larger country gardens of having some plants that look good all year to make up for the ones that die back in the winter does not work in these situations. This is because in such a small space even one unhealthy plant ruins the effect.

Though it takes some extra garden design planning, with a little creativity a beautiful garden can be had in the city just like in the country. Beauty and functionality do not have to be sacrificed due to size. Keeping it simple and being aware of the details are the best way to accomplish a stunning garden design in a small space. Whether doing it yourself or hiring a landscape gardener, take the time to plan and design effectively so as to get the best use of the space that is there.

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