London Garden Clearance – Garden Waste Clearances

Garden clearance & garden waste clearances for Urban jungles and lost London gardens. We recover and reclaim sites ready for extensions and landscaping.

Garden Clearance Services

Urban jungles and lost gardens recovered and reclaimed. Sites cleared for extensions and landscaping projects. Rubbish and detritus removal from new acquisitions. We cover it all and can generally transform most overgrown gardens within a day.

Image of General garden clearance
Image of Jungles tamed
Image of Garden clearance
Image of Overgrown garden

Professional Garden Clearance

It’s surprising just how much can be achieved by a couple of people with a few basic tools. Every year we are invited to clear abandoned or neglected space covering some sixty or seventy square meters with head height brambles, saplings and the odd fallen tree that on first glance seems like an impossible task. Yet, by the end of the day and with some creative use of an eight-yard skip, the seemingly impossible has been achieved.

These kinds of spaces can be incredibly daunting for the average person, but we have many years experience dealing with these types of environments, so invite us round for a quotation and we can take the next step on your behalf.

  • General garden clearance
  • Jungles tamed
  • End of tenancy garden tidies