Landscape Garden Design For Small Gardens

It is important to remember that landscape garden design for small gardens requires more than simply gardening on a smaller scale.

Small Garden Design

Landscape Garden Design For Small Gardens


Lack of space does not have to limit your ability to have a great garden. There are many design tips and tricks that can create a beautiful space in the smallest of areas. Whether an apartment in London with no lawn or a terraced house with a very small garden, there are many possibilities. A garden can be a great way to add to your living space, making it an extension of the home. For example, a deck or patio can be turned into an outdoor dining area. Or, perhaps it could be a shady area to take afternoon drinks. Designing for small gardens just requires careful planning and creativity.

Garden Design For Small Gardens

The first thing to do when designing the garden is to consider the style that is desired. Typically, this should follow along with the main décor of the house. The more modern designs work well in small areas as they include green plants in small numbers with large blank spaces in between. This can look quite sparse, but often these spaces are enhanced with modern lighting.

If colour and flowers are desired, you could create a step garden. This is when the garden is planted in rows on platforms at different levels. In this way, the vertical space can be utilized, and ground space is saved. Another option for vertical space is climbing plants, including roses and vines. These can be trained to grow around intricate columns or trellis work. Each of these methods frees up space for seating or a dining area that will allow for hours of garden enjoyment.

Landscape design for small gardens is more than simply gardening on a smaller scale. Different plants may be required based on soil and sun access. It is important to remember that some plants are just not conducive to a small garden. Sticking to tall, narrow, or climbing plants offer the most versatility in a small space. With careful planning a small garden can be just a beautiful as a larger one.

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