Inner City Garden Design

There does not have to be tons of space available to have a beautiful garden design.

Inner City Garden Design London

Inner City Garden Design


There does not have to be tons of space available to have a beautiful Inner City garden design. Often small spaces can yield a beautiful outdoor space that offers hours of enjoyment each day.  The key is to plan and design the garden very carefully to make the most use of the area.  In the inner city it is not uncommon to find town homes with closed in gardens. Often, these spaces are surrounded by close board fencing or something similar that allows for privacy but blocks out sunlight.  The spaces are small, but that does not mean they cannot be made into luxurious urban havens.

If the area is closed in, consider if it may be possible to change the fencing.  For example, could the solid fence be replaced with a Venetian fence or trellis?  If this is a possibility, train climbing plants or vines to grow around them and that will eventually add more privacy, which can only benefit the basic garden design.  Once that is taken care of, it is time to consider plants.  With little ground space, it can benefit the gardener to take advantage of plants with height.  Tall, narrow plants take up less ground space and have the added advantage of contributing to privacy in the case of flats or other close quarter living spaces.

Garden design options

Though a full outdoor dining area may not be possible in a small space, a cosy nook for drinks could add just the finishing touch.  Find a corner that has good shade when needed and lay a small cobblestone or brick patio or even a built in seating area to provide or amplify the natural focal point.  One close to the entrance to the house is ideal for serving purposes, but the space will be enjoyed more if it is comfortable to sit in rather than being constantly blasted by the sun, so that should be a priority.  Add a small café style table and the outdoor sanctuary is complete.

Develop the garden design to satisfy your needs

Even in these small inner city spaces, careful design and planning can create a beautiful sanctuary in which to enjoy the outdoors.  A table with an umbrella can provide shading if the garden does not do it naturally.  Tall plants can fill the space in without making it too crowded, and the close quarters allow for pleasantly scented flowers to be enjoyed more thoroughly. If the fencing can be made more functional or made to add to the atmosphere it is ideal, but even if this is not the case, all is not lost.  Simply work with what you have so that the garden design makes the best possible use from the space available.

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