How a Landscape Gardener Plans a Good Garden

A well landscaped garden requires an exceptional amount of planning. A good landscape gardener knows this, and knows how to do it appropriately.

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How a Landscape Gardener Plans a Good Garden


A well landscaped garden requires an exceptional amount of planning.  A good landscape gardener knows this, and knows how to do it appropriately.  They realize that it takes a great deal of time and effort to ensure that the actual planting process goes smoothly.  For example, not taking into account how long certain areas are in the shade or the sun, the high rock or iron content of the soil, or that a large percentage of the lawn is on a hill can cause major setbacks when the execution phase begins.  The complete design as well as the variety and types of plants needs to be completely set and ready to go on paper before the first hole is dug.

What a Landscape Gardener should understand

To begin with, a landscape gardener should visit with the owner and determine what they have in mind.  This includes getting an idea of which colours they may desire, the types of structures they would like to have included, and the degree of intricacy or simplicity they wish to display in the garden.  Next, a walk through the property should give insight as to how the owner’s desires will actually play out.  The key to planning a good garden is in understanding both the limits of the space, as well as its advantages.  A fully competent landscape gardener knows that the garden should accentuate, not compete with its surroundings.  In conservation areas, this often means keeping a classic look while incorporating new ideas to keep things fresh.

After the interview and the walk through, it is time to start putting ideas on paper.  The gardener will plan the landscape on paper, making detailed drawing or using computer imaging.  Many programs these days can use images of actual plants and replicate the bare landscape so as to give a better idea of what the finished product will look like.  Once the landscape gardener is given the go ahead from the owners, he can begin the actual gardening.

Sow the seeds for success

The landscape gardener will have a plan in place that will ensure a smooth transition as the project progresses.  Back up plans have to be made for bad weather as it is almost impossible to work on landscaping projects whilst it is raining. They will plan which plants to plant first and when to place other structures and if there are any, in a way that will provide the most effective and efficient use of the landscape gardeners time.

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