Contemporary Garden Design Ideas

Contemporary garden design is a style that a lot of people choose when they are creating their garden.

Contemporary Garden Design Ideas

Contemporary Garden Design Ideas


Contemporary garden design is a style that a lot of people choose when they are creating their garden. There are many different things that can help you better understand this type of design and create a great outdoor space, but first you have to know the basic rules of contemporary style so that you understand exactly what you are trying to create. Contemporary designs tend to comprise of three elements; low maintenance architectural planting, clean lines that balance proportion and the natural geometry inherent within the building materials, and the use of a limited pallet of materials, ideally no more than three from which to construct your garden.

One of the outcomes of contemporary garden design is to minimise any necessary maintenance. This is a critical element, and so it is a good idea to limit the number of plants and flowers that are included in your design. By having fewer plants, you will have less labour involved in the upkeep your garden, which by its very nature can make it more enjoyable, but at the same time it will accentuate both the structures you have created and the natural forms of those plants that you have selected. Having a simple patio or decking area around your garden is a great way to beautify the space without creating too much work for yourself.

However contemporary garden design isn’t about creating stark minimalism. In fact, it is about creating a beautiful space that you can enjoy all year-round. This can include familiar elements such as decking or patio spaces, but equally glass, metal, or rendered structures to provide backdrops for planting or to frame specific views and specimen plants, or even just to reiterate certain geometrical features within the garden design. Creating walls or living screens from plants such as bamboos is another great way to create different structures that will complement your design. Choosing potted and container placed planting of shrubs and trees is another interesting way to break up an area of hard landscaping, where multiples of a single species not only make a bold statement, but also serve to provide structural interest and allow for creative positioning to further beautify your contemporary garden space.

There are many different ideas for contemporary gardens that you can find online and in garden magazines, but you can also get creative and design your very own space that is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Take the time to research contemporary garden design a little bit to see what options you have and what others are doing so that you can realise your dreams of a beautiful garden space that is more for enjoyment and less for work. The goal of any garden is to create an enjoyable space that you can appreciate, and contemporary design can allow you to do just that.

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