Herb Garden Design Ideas

Herb gardens are very popular today. Fresh herbs are arguably essential for the many cuisines that are now almost native to the London area.

Herb Garden Design

Herb Garden Design Ideas


Herb gardens are very popular today. Fresh herbs are arguably essential for the many cuisines that are now almost native to the London area. The problem is that many people believe they do not have the space. This is especially true in the city. If there is a small space for a garden on a patio or back deck, most want to utilize it for outdoor seating and plants that provide an atmosphere for such a space.

There are some options, however, that allow for both the planting of fresh herbs as well as regular gardening plants in small spaces such as these. These options simply require some creativity and careful planning to pull together the perfect herb garden design.

Planning your herb garden design

The first option is to blend fresh herbs in with traditional garden plants. The right planning and garden design can allow for the planting of herbs right alongside other plants. The key is to choose herbs that require only certain amounts of sun, and to choose other plants that will leave an appropriate amount of space and allow for some sun exposure. Choose herbs that look and smell nice, such as lavender, so that they not only can be used for cooking, but they improve the atmosphere of the garden as well.

Another option is a window planter. Herbs do not take a lot of space. A small window planter can grow two or three plants of several different types of herbs. Pick three or four you use the most and plant a couple of each.  In this way you get variety without wasting space on herbs that will only be used occasionally. Another version of this option is a large planter.  These do not usually go in the window but rather on a patio or deck. A larger planter of any size can hold several herb plants. Follow the same steps as you would for a window planter to determine what to plant. It might be wise in a fairly large planter to plant those herbs that are used more frequently on the outer edges and less used ones in the middle.

Important herb garden design choices

Whichever herb garden design option is chosen, it is important to remember to not let space limit too much. As long as the plants have access to soil, sunlight, and water they can be raised, even in a very small space. Keeping in mind that some herbs can be very beautiful and fragrant, do not hide them from the world. Rather, use them for decoration and ambiance much as you would a regular garden design.

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