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Why It Is Becoming Ever Popular?

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Container Gardening: Why It Is Becoming Ever Popular


If you have an innate passion for growing plants, herbs and vegetables but have practical limitations governed by space, then container gardening is something worth checking out. Container gardening is an activity that was initially practiced in China, Greece, and ancient Rome thousands of years ago.

Earthenware pots and clay brick containers were commonly used to nurture a wide variety of ornamental, medicinal, and edible plants, with decorative urns introduced as design features in some of the world’s famous gardens and outdoor living areas.

Here are a few reasons why container gardening is getting more popular nowadays:

Space saver
One of the main attractions attributed to container gardening is that you can nurture life even with a really limited space such as your balcony or windowsill and this is particularly true for people living in bustling cities where residential space is at a premium. With the easy availability of good potting soil, seeds and containers from modern garden centres, most plants, vegetables, herbs, and small trees can easily be grown in containers.

Do make sure to choose a container that has plenty of room for the plants to grow to their full size. Do some basic research into the growing needs of your intended species, before selecting or going shopping for its container.

Easy on the budget
Creating a container garden does not need to cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of affordable alternatives to those usually found in glossy gardening magazines. In fact, anything that can hold water, soil and has good drainage can be used as a container. Get creative and re-use household items such as buckets or old baskets or wooden boxes.

Low in maintenance
Container gardening requires much less effort compared to traditional gardening in the ground, meaning no back strain from digging and bending over weeding. In the event that you should develop a soil born plant disease, they are limited to individual container; thus, it is much easier to treat.

Do take note that the moisture in the soil would depend on the size of the container, the quality of the drainage system, and the frequency of watering. If you are on the road often, then consider investing in a timed automatic irrigation system.

Portable and flexible
Growing plants in containers results in portability and allows for flexibility in their positioning. Some plants can be moved indoors during cooler months so that they can survive the colder seasons whilst providing a cheerful accent to an otherwise gloomy indoor space.

Likewise when moving home you can simply take your containers with you. Wishing to update the look of a patio? Then, mix and match the pots and plants to complement your unique personality and specific needs.

Promotes a healthy lifestyle
Planting a garden, even in containers is a healthy activity; it keeps you away from watching TV or if working at home offers a quick relaxing break from the computer screen. As you take a breath of fresh air in front of your favourite pot of tulips or inhale the pungent aroma of herbs, your mind and body naturally relax. Also, the fresh produce that you harvest from your container garden could significantly decreases the weekly grocery bill.

Another bonus is that you have full control whether or not to put fertilisers or pesticides on your home-grown fruits and vegetables, so there’s no searching for organic produce at your local shop. Home-grown produce is a great way to introduce children to understanding where food comes from and giving them an interest in the natural sciences.

Usually, when children see a tiny seedling developed into ripe produce, they will be more excited to eat or try vegetables or fruit that they may otherwise ignore on the dinner table. Kale and spinach are just some of the leafy greens that have short root structures and grow well in containers.

No matter how large or small your container garden is, a reputable landscape gardening company can provide guidance on when and how to start the project and offer advice on where to go and at what time of year to get the best deals on plants, potting mix and other garden supplies.

Let them share your vision so that you get to enjoy an ever evolving sanctuary right at your home, a small pocket of paradise that is filled with colours and harmony all year round.

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