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Small Garden Design

Landscape Garden Design For Small Gardens


Lack of space does not have to limit your ability to have a great garden. There are many design tips and tricks that can create a beautiful space in the smallest of areas. Whether an apartment in London with no lawn or a terraced house with a very small garden, there are many possibilities. A garden can be a great …

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Herb Garden Design

Herb Garden Design Ideas


Herb gardens are very popular today. Fresh herbs are arguably essential for the many cuisines that are now almost native to the London area. The problem is that many people believe they do not have the space. This is especially true in the city. If there is a small space for a garden on a patio or back deck, most …

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Landscape Gardener

How to Choose a Landscape Gardener


Landscape gardening is different from other types of gardening as it is for the enjoyment of everyone. The point is to beautify the land, which takes vision and forethought. This requires an understanding of how different plants react to the changing climate of the area as well as different land forms. For example, different plants and flowers react differently to rocky soils, …

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Queens Park Garden Design

Garden Design – Queens Park London NW6

The project at Queens Park London NW6, is the garden design that has required the most accurate construction methods, has needed the most attention to all of the details and as a result has ultimately been one of the most fulfilling.

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Notting Hill Garden Design

Garden Design – Notting Hill London W11

This garden was another very enjoyable project for the team and myself. The client wished to create two distinct areas in the new garden; an area of decking to lead out from the house which would make a sheltered sun terrace in this south facing garden and then a barbecue and dining area which would be surrounded by planting.

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Clapham Common Garden Design

Garden Design – Clapham Common London SW4

This was quite a challenging project mostly due to the sheer lack of space. The gardens in this particular area of Clapham are small and in most cases the houses have been split into 2 or 3 flats.

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Wandsworth Garden Design

Garden Design – Wandsworth London SW18

This was a really enjoyable project to work on and as can be seen by the “before” photographs, has completely transformed the front of this large town house in Wandsworth.

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Clapham Old Town Garden

Garden Design – Clapham Old Town London SW4

Whilst at first glance this is a fairly simple garden, it is probably one of my favourite projects that I have worked on over the last few years and this is for a couple of reasons.

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Landscape Garden Streatham

General Landscaping – Streatham London SW16

This project shows exactly how much can be achieved with a fairly conservative budget and a bit of thought. The two clients who shared this unusual L shaped garden had not used it because they were unhappy with its lay out.

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General Landscaping Tooting

General Landscaping – Tooting London SW17

This was a fairly straightforward project, replacing a 16m run of fencing, which had been knocked down by a car that had lost control. However it does perfectly demonstrate the flexibility of feather edge fencing.

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